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Hello, I'm Julie! I am a friendly UX Designer with a master's degree in Interaction Design and 6 years of experience designing interactive products. I am fascinated by people and how technology can support even the most technophobic among us. Incurably curious and a natural communicator, I love discerning patterns in user data, designing better experiences for users, and prototyping and designing iteratively.

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I just completed my master’s in Human-Computer Interaction Design at City University of London. Before going back to school to hone my web and digital design skills, I designed and built physical and digital products in the sports and medical sectors (see my PullSmart and Physio-Control projects). These experiences gave me a curiosity about the users of my products and a desire to focus solely on UX design.


Outside of work, you can find me drinking massive quantities of English Breakfast tea, social dancing, taking photographs, or even acting in community theater!

I got back from the UK where I graduated with distinction about a year ago and am currently designing intuitive user interfaces for Tecolote Research in the great Seattle area.

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